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6 Easy Steps to Install Kodi on a Fire TV or Fire Stick

Meet your new best friend and favourite new media player- Kodi! This brilliant instrument is growing in popularity each and every

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6 Easy Steps to Install Kodi on a Fire TV or Fire Stick

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6 Easy Steps to Install Kodi on a Fire TV or Fire Stick

Meet your new best friend and favourite new media player- Kodi! This brilliant instrument is growing in popularity each and every day as it lets you stream from countless, multiple sources from different corners of the world. Yes, we know it is a bit controversial, but hey, that’s what makes life interesting!

This media player not only provides you endless entertainment and keeps you connected to the world, but also will let you access your own media files. What more could you want? (Pssst, no wonder it is creating so much noise in the tech world!)

Kodi is functional across numerous devices and platforms, and our personal favourite is Amazon’s Fire OS, as utilised by the awesome Fire TV stick and Fire TV. We firmly believe both provide the best platforms to install Kodi where you can reap its benefits.

However, if you wish to access this awesome application, then you must be aware that you can’t just download it directly. The good news is that if you want to learn how to install it on your Fire TV or Fire TV stick, then you’re in the right place. This article will outline six quick steps that you can easily follow and will take you only about ten minutes.

We promise, this is the easiest and quickest route to learning how to install Kodi on Firestick for free

Download Downloader

The first and foremost step is to obtain an application that will help you download the Kodi app installer file. While there are many available, we recommend going with one called Downloader. You can identify it with its bright orange logo and best of all, it’s free! No price, no fees, no monthly subscription!

Do you own a mic-enabled Fire TV stick? If yes, then just speak into the remote itself whilst pressing the microphone button and say “downloader”, and it should pop up instantly on your interface. 

If your Fire TV is not voice-enabled, no worries! Just go the old-fashioned way and type in “downloader in text form. Simply go to the Home screen, hold the up key on the your remote to choose your navigation tabs, and then press the left key to access the universal search area

Once you have typed in “downloader”, the correct app will show up in the results and all you have to do is click on it in order to install it.

Allow Installing Apps from Unknown Places

This is the part where you let your Fire TV install applications from sources other than the Amazon Appstore. It protects your data security, but you will have to disable it if you wish to install Kodi as it is not part of the Amazon Appstore.

To get to Settings, make sure you are on the Home display screen and press the up key to select navigation tabs. Press Device, Next, and then select Developer Options. This will show you a sub-menu that includes an option labelled “Apps from Unknown Sources”. Pick that and ensure it says ON.

We want to protect your data and your account, that’s why we must share this with you: if you do download apps from outside the Amazon Appstore, make sure its from authentic, reliable sources and not somewhere shady. Remember that Android applications can contain malware and viruses that will endanger your machine. That’s why it is essential you download from official developer websites and that brings us to the next step.

Boot Downloader

Open Downloader and let it load. This is fairly self-explanatory as when you install a new application, it pretty much pops up at the top of your app display and runs automatically to guide you through t the setting up process.

Not booting up automatically? No issue – just press the home button for about two to three seconds to access the system shortcut menu. Choose Apps to view all the applications that you have installed.

Type in the KODI URL

Okay, now that you’re finally in the Downloader program, it’s time to get Kodi. Downloader lets you download programs and applications in its browser-like interface. You need this because Fire TV doesn’t come with an internet browser such as Safari or Chrome.

On the first page here, you will see a white box. This is where you type in a URL. Select it and then text in Think of it as the web page that you would go to download Kodi and it is relevant for Fire TV as well. 

Choose Kodi Build

So, we assume you typed in the correct URL address and a web page has popped up in the Downloader application. Use your remote’s D-pad to scroll downwards to locate the iconic green Android robot and then select it. The next page will display all possible Android install builds.

There are a lot to choose from and you have to be mindful of which one will best suit your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV. The first generation of Fire TV possess 32-bit CPUs so get the ARM version termed 32-bit. If you own a newer Fire TV or stick, then select the 64-bit one.

You will see both the “release” and “nightly” forms of Kodi. You are free to select either, but if you want fewer bugs, then go for the release version. “Nightly’ may be newer but is still going to be a work in progress. Choose the build that is right for you and the apk.installer will start downloading. It should be an 87 MB file and when completed, Downloader will begin to install it automatically. When finished, an installer prompt will show up.

Take your remote and hold the D-pad to press the Install button at the bottom of the page. Once this is done, don’t go back to the Home page but stay in the Downloader app. Delete the installer filel so you have some extra space on your device.

Time for Content

Congratulations, you did it! You just installed Kodi on your Fire TV and will show in the Recent category of your Home page display. If you don’t see it, just hold the Home button on your remote for a few seconds to access your app library and it should be there. Install add-ons so you can get all your favorite content on board. Kick back and relax as the show is about to begin!

Bitcoin and Binary Options: Do They Mix?

Many have read about the investment opportunities that Bitcoin is able to offer, but not everyone knows the strategies available. As well as being able to purchase Bitcoin directly, you can also choose binary options, but what are these and how do they work? To better understand how Bitcoin operates within binary options, we first need to look at options trading.

Options Trading

Options trading refers to a contract that allows the investor, but doesn’t obligate them, to sell security on or before a specific date. The security normally refers to a stock, bond or asset that you will either be buying or sell. If you’re looking to purchase a security, then you believe it will rise in price. Similarly, if you looking to see security you already own, then you would do so believing the value of the security will fall.

Binary Options

Binary options are like that of regular options but do operate in a slightly different way. Binary options are also known as fixed-return options and take an all-or-nothing approach to buying or selling a security. The security will have an expiration date, as well as predetermined value of a potential return.

As to whether you make a return depends on whether you decide to make a ‘call’ or ‘put.’ A call is applied if the trader believes the market is rising and will make a profit should the price be higher at the expiration of the contract. Similarly, those applying ‘put’ believe the value will fall and will make a profit should the price be lower at the expiration of the contract.

How Bitcoin Fits In

In comparison to other forms of security, Bitcoin is seen as something of a newcomer. As such, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that not all brokers will be able to offer binary options in relation to the digital currency, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t any brokers who deal with Bitcoin.

Despite it being a new arrival in relation to currency, Bitcoin has managed to become a profitable and popular currency, meaning that a series of brokers have seen the benefits of Bitcoin, and are keen to welcome it as a security for those looking to diversify their investment portfolio. For more information on brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges read this review.

How Popular are Binary Options in Trading?

Despite Bitcoin being a recent in addition to binary options trading, it has proved to be popular with traders. This is often attributed to the limited risk and the small amount that such investments accept. The limited risk is due to the fact that the risk can be calculated beforehand. However, this doesn’t mean that the investment is guaranteed, so we should never spend more than we can afford.

You should also ascertain as to whether trading using binary options is for you. Although investment in Bitcoin is available via brokers, there may be other strategies that are more tailored towards your investment goals. If you’re really not sure where to begin

The Difference Between First-Generation and Second-Generation Brokers

When trying to find a suitable broker that deals with binary options, you will often hear of first-generation and second-generation options. The main difference is that a first-generation broker will allow for the trading of Bitcoin, whereas second-generation brokers offer a mix of Bitcoin funding and trading.

Finding the Right Company in Relation to Binary Options

Like any form of financial trading, you need to ensure you carry out research in relation to which platform you’re going to use in relation to your binary options. While the majority of brokers are reputable and reliable, there will be those who offer a less-than-stellar service and may hold back on some of the finer details.

For example, you should be checking to ensure that stored within deep cold storage, as this gives more security due to the Bitcoins being stored offline. While there are many security protocols in place, it’s always worth ensuring that your investment is as safe as possible. The following is an example of some of the platforms available to give you an idea, but only you can find the most suitable platform, as you will need to consider several factors, such as the ease of use of the platform, and how much a particular broker charges in commission.

First Generation Brokers

  • Coin Ultimate Trading
  • 24 Options
  • BTC Levels

Second Generation Brokers

  • Nadex
  • Bitcoin Wisdom 
  • Bitstamp

Other Factors to Consider

Now you know how binary options work with Bitcoin, and what kind of solution are available, you’re primed to make your first investment. However, you shouldn’t be too hasty. It can be worthwhile following trends and updates in relation to Bitcoin to ensure that you’re able to limit any potential loss.

It’s important to stay grounded when making investments. A couple of good runs could mean that you’re tempted to make larger investments moving forward, but its still important to only invest what you can afford to lose, as no one really knows what tomorrow will bring. If you’re in any doubt as to whether binary options fit in with your current financial planning, it can be advisable to speak to a professional.

If you’re still a little wary or you’re not too sure how the platforms work, then it’s advisable that you look for a broker that is able to offer a demo account. This often emulates the main platform but does not put your capital at risk. As such, you can invest using dummy money, although any return will be not be paid out, as there was in money invested in the first instance.

Easy Mistakes Every Entrepreneur Can Avoid

New entrepreneurs are going to make mistakes especially in more complex fields like technology, but you shouldn’t let a mistake put you off after all everyone makes mistakes, don’t they? But there are some mistakes that business experts see again and again, and they are easy to avoid. So, let’s take a look at some common mistakes every entrepreneur can avoid.

Not Doing A Business Plan

Not doing a business plan is an easy mistake to make, many entrepreneurs will skip this step thinking it’s unnecessary, but a business plan can be a very big help. Think of it as a guide to your business it can help you work out how best to showcase your brand, attract your target audience and much more.

There are also some amazing resources that can help you build-up your business plan online. The Direct Gov website has some very helpful links for building up your business plan but you can even employ a professional to help you write it up as well. A business plan is always going to be beneficial which is why any entrepreneur should take the time to set one up.

Not Consulting A Solicitor

Entrepreneurs will be tasked with a lot of legal matters when setting up their business, any serious entrepreneur will already have a good idea of what they need to do. However, when it comes to legal matters you can never be too safe.

So, even if you are certain make sure any legal documents are checked over by a legal professional such as these trusted property lawyers in Glasgow. Usually, this will be a solicitor, but you could work with another legal professional, some will even offer services designed for entrepreneurs to help them get all their legal documents set up. By consulting a legal professional, you can be sure all your legal documents are correctly filled out and avoid any potential pitfalls.

Not Picking The Right Location

The location of your business can have a huge impact and some entrepreneurs fail to take this into account. For certain industries the location of your business is one of the most important aspects, this is especially true for businesses in industries like technology and research.

So, you need to think carefully about where your business is going to be set up, many people will instantly be drawn to the capital city. Businesses in London can benefit from government schemes not available elsewhere for one thing, but there’s plenty of other benefits.

However, that doesn’t mean the capital city is always going to be the best choice. After all many businesses have also set themselves up in Manchester because it is close to Media City. So, make sure you think carefully about where your business is set up.

Not Working With Others

When you’re an entrepreneur it’s easy to get a bit carried away and try to do everything yourself, this is understandable after the business is your baby. But trying to do everything yourself will just lead to mistakes sooner or later, one of the important parts of being the head of your business is understanding you can’t do everything.

I mentioned previously how trying to deal with all the legal requirements of setting up your business on your own will likely end up with mistakes being made. The same principle applies to the rest of your business, which is why it’s important you learn to work with others. If you’re serious about your business growing, you will need to learn to work with other people.

Not Choosing The Right Business Structure

There are a number of ways you can structure your business and you need to understand how each one is different. Depending on the structure of your business you will have different legal requirements for example if you set up your business as a partnership you will need a partnership agreement.

If you set yourself up as a limited company, you will benefit from setting up a share agreement. If you are setting yourself up as a sole trader, then you will have less legal documentation but a lot more risk is involved. Make sure you take everything into account and think carefully before choosing the structure for your business.

Not Focusing On Marketing

Every entrepreneur should know about how important marketing is, but many new start-ups take a less is more approach or follow the old proverb “build it and they will come” a little too literally. However, while there is certainly some merit to that ideology it will usually not work for start-up businesses.

For example, let’s say you’re a new tech start-up how are you going to compete with big businesses in your industry like Apple? Even if you have a great product or idea the big names are going to steal all the focus, aren’t they?

Well while it’s certainly difficult you can rival even the giants of your industry with clever marketing which is why all start-up entrepreneurs should ensure they focus on marketing. A great marketing strategy is going to go a long way towards boosting your chance of success.

Not Protecting Your Business

Finally, one other key area where many start-ups struggle is failing to take the proper legal precautions to protect their business. This covers many different aspects of your business but one particular area where many entrepreneurs trip up is with their copyright.

If you don’t copyright your businesses name and domain name someone else could come along and do it. Which could lead to a number of issues, you’ll also need to ensure your business is insured and follows proper health and safety procedures. Protecting your business is very important but it’s easier than you think to slip up. 

So, that’s a look at several easy mistakes start-up businesses can easily avoid with a little foresight and planning. Will this ensure you don’t make any mistakes later on? No, it won’t but it will certainly help the early days of your business run a lot more smoothly and remember don’t let the fear of mistakes stop you from setting up your business.   

Drones Built for Night Fliers

There is a lot of enjoyment that can be had from a drone, regardless of whether we use it in the day or at night. Those looking to keep sight of their drone in the later hours will want to ensure that their drone can be seen in the night sky. There are accessories you can buy that allow LEDs to be attached, but if you’re looking for a solution straight out of the box, then you may want a drone where lighting is already a feature.

Fortunately, there are several models available that ensure that you’re not left in the dark when it comes to piloting a UAVs at night.

Things to Consider

Before making a purchase, you should ensure that you’re getting the right kind of drone for you. While one drone may be perfect for one person, it may lack the functionality you’re looking for, which can mean a purchase soon becomes a waste of money.

There are several different factors to look at before purchasing a drone, and often include the follow.

  • Our Budget?
  • Do We Need a Camera?
  • Do We Need Accessories?
  • What Kind of Controller Do I Want to Use?

Once we have a better idea of what features we’re looking for, we’re then able to shift our focus onto specific drones, making the decision-making process much easier.


The great thing about drones is how much value you’re getting for your money, regardless of whether you’re investing in a premium UAV or not. Situated at the lower price bracket, many would be forgiven for assuming that the MJX X400W wasn’t able to offer anything to the drone community, but that assumption would be incorrect.

Opting for a minimalistic look, complete with LEDs and some nice finishing touches, the MJX X400W is ideal for night fliers who may have a tighter budget than others.

Tarantula X6

Another budget entry that may do little to rattle the cage of the drone community initially but is the ideal drone for keen night fliers and those looking to capture some footage along the way. Although this quadcopter doesn’t include a camera, you can easily connect one of your choice, which is ideal for those merely looking for a drone and not the complete setup. The Tarantula X6 has been reviewed and has proved to be a nippy drone that withstand strong winds surprisingly well.

Ehang GhostDrone 2.0

Although budget-entry drones are ideal for newcomers and children, more seasoned drone enthusiasts may be looking to upgrade their current model, but still want to make use of LED lights while in flight.

The GhostDrone 2.0 comes complete with a 4K camera, which captures videos at 24 frames-per-second, as well as offering an impressive flight time of 25 minutes when fully charged.

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

As the name would suggest the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is a drone that’s designed to make an impression. This aesthetically-beautiful drone hides a slew of features under it glossy chassis, and even comes included with a 4K camera, which is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. And of course, there are LEDs that ensure that you’re able to keep sight of your drone when flying in the dark.


If you’re looking for a drone that has character, then why not consider the JJRC H8D. As well as giving users access to impressive LEDS, there is an also FMV transmitter that will calibrate the gyro when in motion.

The range of the FPV range is 100 metres, and whereas other models can suffer from stuttering video, the JJRC H8D gives a strong performance in this department as well.

The JJRC H8D won’t be for everyone, but it’s deal for entry-level night fliers.

XIRO Xplorer G

Those looking for a drone that has a sleek design along with some additional functionality, then the XIRO Xplorer G could be for you. The Xplorer G has a black finish and has 4 LED lights that are situated just below the propellers.

Those looking to make use of the drone for photography and video footage may be disappointed to learn that the Xplorer G doesn’t come included with a camera. However, the gimbal does support GoPro action cameras.

While there is no camera, there is one of the best gimbles seen on a drone, so those who decide to use the drone for photography can expect some amazing results.

Hubsan H109S X4 Pro

If you’re in the market for top-tier drone that offers FPV and a HD camera, then it may be worth checking out the Hubsan H109S Pro. As well as the inclusion of the camera, midnight fliers are given a slew of other features that contribute towards one of the famous drones on the circuit.

These features include one-key return, a headless mode and of course, fully-function LEDs.

When it comes to drones everyone has their own preference, which is why there’s so many different models available. To find the best drone for you, you also have to factor in other functions as well as the LED lights to ensure that you’re getting the most enjoyment you can from your drone.

Putting your own personal stamp on your business start-up office

Anyone starting up in business will have the eagerness and enthusiasm to really want to make every little detail count and getting those first few details right all the way across the board is so important because that’s what you’re going to be putting your brand new best foot forward with.

Choosing a logo that speaks for your brand and rolling it out on to everything you do is a difficult enough process and possibly why the brand giants spend hundreds of thousands hiring the best designers to absolutely make sure they get it right. Well, the same goes for your office. It’s one of the first statement areas you’re going to have to stamp what your business means and how you operate; it says everything about who you are and what you want to be.

First – who are you and what are you selling?

Everyone’s selling something. Your brand has to reflect your product or your service, and your office has to reflect how you do that. Google’s headquarters are renowned for their wacky outlook whereas sports giants Nike and Adidas show an über contemporary hi-tech feel in all their events, promotions, pop-ups and brand stores, all to match the level of product they’re selling us.

Don’t just be smart – think smart

If you’re planning on being a financial consultant then you don’t want to try and match the wacky Google HQ interiors featuring indoor slides, table tennis tables, video games and the weirdest alternate spaces and seating you can imagine. You would want something that reflects your role and your business tone. Trustworthy, smart, classic and professional. Expensive woods. Brass. Chrome. Dress for the job you want and make sure your office does too.

Stand-out, but only if it’s relevant

Today’s start-ups in tech are the ideal business for a stand-out office space. If you’re proposing to work in technology, fashion, media or art then you’re in a great place to run with whatever you want – create a new way of doing things, but make it work for your staff and your clients while you do. You may even want to get creative with your location, we have seen many start-ups snap up metal buildings for sale across the UK and even in the US and building some of the most creative work spaces we have seen.

Go recycled

Gather pallets, driftwood, and old timber to reconstruct into desks, partitions, shelves and signage. Why not collect up all the plastic bottles or soft drinks cans to make a reception area? You can mix and match these items with contemporary clean office furniture to give it a quirk instead of simply presenting yourself amidst a load of old junk. It’s about finding the balance and making it work. It’s a massive market right now, the green pound is very strong because your company ethos reflects a kind caring business. Who wouldn’t want to trust a company with those values?


Plastic is cheap, bright and unmissable. You can make a real stamp in your office with mix and match lighting and lampshades in a variety of primary or day-glow colours, compliment them with accessories to match the same wash of bright colours and then tone it all down with a series of simple plain yet bright painted walls dictating the sectioning or the partitions in an open plan space.

Open plan spaces

The idea of the traditional office has been superseded in many contemporary spaces by workers cells or pods yet they’re on their way out too now with the even further contemporary start-ups using ‘anywhere’ as their workspace. Now that you pretty much are your office, with your Wi-Fi laptop and mobile phone making you pretty much relocatable anywhere at the blink of an eye then why not?

Fill the space with different desks, colour them however you want, pick a brand colour or a theme to run with to tie it all together and let your staff work from whatever part of the office ‘fits’ how you feel for that day.


If you’re in a position where you can do whatever you want with walls, doors and ceilings and aren’t tied into the fixtures and fittings remaining as you find them a really impactive way to stamp your brand personality on your space is to fill those walls with art.

Murals are huge, figuratively and literally, if you want to make a statement piece in your office. There are hundreds of talented artists and designers just waiting for a chance to help you fill that forty-five foot long wall with typography that speaks to your visitors, huge flowing friezes to soften a large space or something so in your face that it will never be forgotten by your customers, wherever they may go next. Working in tech? Get some robots up there. Media? Fire out caricatured film crews depicting how they’d perform in the real world at the heart of the action. Your artwork is as limited as your imagination – or your designer’s.

Be subtle

You can keep everything classic with some muted colours, or a few simple complimentary colours backed up with three or four shades of grey to keep it simple and smart. Theme your décor colour to your brand style. How does your business trade? Find items of furniture or accessories that support it and continue the look and feel throughout.


Unless you’re selling haunted tours any business space needs to be as well lit as possible. Flood your space with light. Don’t just consider how much light your workers will need but also the variety of ways you can present it. Hanging oversize retro bulbs are all the rage in every hipster restaurant and café right now but that doesn’t mean they still will be next year. Consider when to use coloured lights to add a touch of hi-tech and warmth, or when to cram a full set of Christmas lights into an oversize jar or vase to make your desk fit for a mystical frollick of fairies!

Be smart – research, research, research

Google will throw a million and one ideas at you. Search for interior office space, interior design, weird office décor, contemporary spaces and what you’ll get back will be a plethora of ideas giving you so many ideas you won’t know where to start. The most effective smart place to start however is with a designer. They’ve learned to do this properly. Their skills are proven and can show you myriad examples of how they’ll work for you. Put it out for tender. Get artists, designers and interior specialists alike to pitch their ideas and see which ones really reach out and grab you in a way you can see working for the message you want your new space to get across.

We live in an age of talent and media. We also live in an age where we’re not afraid to break the rules or make brand new ones. Mix old textures with new ones, clash colours, be brave, it’s yours for the taking, but only if you dare.

The one thing you must remember however is that whatever you show your clients, wherever you ask them to sit, and whatever giant octopus you might paint across your walls, if you don’t back those aesthetics up with an impeccable business model and a truly efficient service or an ingenious product, you probably aren’t going to be in that fancy new office space for very long.

Perk Up: Two Stellar Online Things That Businesses Need to Survive

Having a business in this day and age has its own set of hurdles that can actually be overcome. Today, we take a look at two stellar and online things that business will need to survive.


Proper Social Media Management

Proper Social Media Management - Perk Up: Two Stellar Online Things That Businesses Need to Survive

You would be hard pressed to find someone without a social media account. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and so many others are dominating the internet. When you have a business, it would only make sense to be on the platform that can reach your target audience the most. This means having your own social media accounts.

However, it must be handled appropriately and professionally. Whoever is handling your social media account must take note of these few things:

The Right Time to Post

Much like anything in a person’s life, a social media platform has specific times in the day where traffic is high and low. Mostly, people make use of their social media account most in four particular times of the day: after they wake up, when they have lunch, right after work, and before bed. A social media manager must be able to utilize those times properly in order to maximize the impact of your posts.

Speed in Replying

Client engagement and the speed in which this is achieved can make all the difference between a successful business and a failed one. When a client goes to your page with a comment, their expectation for a reply is around 60%. When they go to you with a complaint, that percentage rises to 85%. The speed in which you reply and what you reply must be suitable in order to promote customer loyalty.


Relevant Online Marketing

Relevant Online Marketing - Perk Up: Two Stellar Online Things That Businesses Need to Survive

In the time when information is king, it would only make sense to ensure that a big chunk of the relevant information available online is about your business. There are many ways in which a relevant online marketing campaign can be launched. What it will need is a suitable balance between being visible and enticing. Here are a few ways businesses can go about it:


Ad Campaigns

The more popular ways are through online ads, sponsored content, and even podcasts. These ad campaigns are often directed to people that are already interested in what your business has to offer. In order to do that, you partner up with relevant websites and bloggers that can boost the sensory recall of clients.


Short Video Campaigns

Think something along the lines of vines except no harmful pranks. These are often 10 to 20 seconds long are enough to catch the interest of your target market.



If you are planning on having your own business in the future, it is important that you start learning how to obtain the two things we have mentioned above. Practice always makes perfect—or as close to perfect that can be realistically achieved. Take careful note on how current businesses are utilizing their social media presence and their online marketing. You just might be able to pick up a thing or two.

Other than the two online things we mentioned above, what else do you think businesses will need to survive?


The Sour with the Sweets: Three Negative Things Born From the Internet

Not everything is always sunshine and rainbows. Invariably, with everything good that we create, there are people out there that warp it and turn it into something negative. Today, we take a look at three specific negative things that were borne from the internet.


Fake News

Fake News - The Sour with the Sweets: Three Negative Things Born From the Internet
This is by far the highly unfortunate things to have ever been borne out of the internet. If you think back to the beginnings of the net, everyone was just so pleased that we could all get the information that we needed at the click of a button. Now, there are people who are actively trying to confuse and misinform their fellowmen.

Social media is one of the biggest mediums in which fake news is created and spread. Instead of contributing toward meaningful discourse, we now have to sift through misinformed individuals who do not even try to consider that their information is wrong. It seems that clinging to fake news (as long as it is in line with their beliefs) is more acceptable than facing the truth.



Trolls - The Sour with the Sweets: Three Negative Things Born From the Internet
Much like the bridge dwelling creatures of fantasy, this unfortunate result of the internet is something that you would rather not face. The internet has made everyone a bit more connected—however, it also granted the cloak of anonymity to those that use it for nefarious deeds. These individuals actively try to provoke, outright attack other users, and promote hate speech and vitriolic sentiments.

In order for all of us to understand each other, there must be a give and take. One must listen and one must speak—this is done in turns. Trolls are not interested in this. Instead, the more anger they can stir up, the happier they seem. There are now even professional trolls that are paid for their efforts to sow discontent in people using their words.


People as Product

People as Product - The Sour with the Sweets: Three Negative Things Born From the Internet
With everything available online, it made more sense for companies and advertisers to direct their marketing campaigns directly unto people that would be more susceptible toward them. In a study conducted in 2015, researchers have found that once you click a particular ad or even do a particular search in a search engine, you can suddenly expect ads that are relevant to that search to start popping up all over your social media and other websites.

This is because our information is being harvested and sold to companies that would like to target us specifically for their services and products. Our information—what we are as a person—is now the actual product of major social media sites.



We should all remain vigilant and be aware of how to combat the negativity. There has been too much unnecessary friction in our history as a species. Instead of fully helping each other reach our full potential, more and more people are more interested in getting the last word in. Or getting some sort of weird pleasure out of being “right” or making people withdraw from a conversation. The internet was made to share information—not to pollute facts.

Which negativity borne from the internet have you come across?

Explain This: Net Neutrality and Your Small Business

It was roughly around the end of 2017 that the topic of net neutrality reached a fevered pitch. What exactly does net neutrality and its reversal (or not) mean for your small business?


Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality - Explain This: Net Neutrality and Your Small Business
In the USA, the internet is regarded as a Category II or a utility—much like electricity or gas—and determined to be the basic right of its citizens. As such, the companies that provide it cannot decide for themselves which areas “deserve” more water—for example—and which areas do not. That is how net neutrality works. It ensures that everyone gets equal and unimpeded access to the internet and its content.

If net neutrality is repealed, this means that the internet will not longer be classified under its former category. As such, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will be able to decide to either slow down or speed up sources that it deems proper. Meaning, if your business is in any way determined to be a threat or competition, ISPs can simply choose to load your page and information 1000% slower than their own pages.


Net Neutrality and Your Business

Net Neutrality and Your Business - Explain This: Net Neutrality and Your Small Business
A lot of small businesses are mostly online businesses. After all, this means less in terms of overhead costs and the focus would be to provide better experiences and products for the clients. If net neutrality if fully repealed, this can mean that should the ISP choose to favor established brick and mortar companies (and they will), the information about your humble online business could be inaccessible to your clients simply because the net is too slow to properly show it.

It could even be wholly possible that your information is blocked off altogether. If a small business is to survive, it needs its clients to be able to access it. Being blocked off or slowed down can be disastrous for any hope of client retention.



It is always important to be aware of any legislature or move that may impede your rights. In an ideal world, everyone would have an equal access to information and there would be no content or source of information that would be blocked off or severely slowed down. If net neutrality is repealed, that is the scenario that many of us will be staring at the face.

Small businesses that were to be considered as ‘competition’ will be most at risk. If you are against this, it is important to be very involved in the process. The topic of net neutrality will continue to be something of a hot discourse as both sides have their own supporters.

What about you: do you support or are you against net neutrality?

Lingo of the New Age: Internet Words You May Not Be Familiar With

If you find yourself staring at some words or acronyms and wondering what they mean, you can find yourself to be one of millions around the world. Internet words are actually a thing and we round up a few that you may not be familiar with.

These are some words that you can utilize in your social media account. A word of warning for business owners—some of these words can be quite a risk when you use them. While it can help you connect with your audience, some of the words may end up alienating a much older market.

So do use them at your own discretion.



Extra - Lingo of the New Age: Internet Words You May Not Be Familiar With
This would have usually just referred to a bonus or a spare. However, the world of the internet has given this old word a whole new meaning. The word ‘extra’ is now a verb.

For example: Sheila is SO Extra. It’s so annoying!

Extra now refers to actions that are inappropriate or excessive.



Salty - Lingo of the New Age: Internet Words You May Not Be Familiar With
No longer confined to a taste, it is now used to refer one being bitter or unpleasant over another’s gain or a certain event.
For example: I know you wanted to win but you didn’t. Why do you have to be so salty?



Savage - Lingo of the New Age: Internet Words You May Not Be Familiar With
If you’re thinking of the song from Pocahontas that is no longer what this term refers to in this day and age. When someone refers to your actions or words as “savage” they are seen as something awesome or harsh.

For example: Did you hear what Karla said earlier? It was so savage! Poor Lisa was in tears.
For example: Duke scored ten goals in last night’s game—he was so savage!

The meaning will invariably change with the context.


Woke - Lingo of the New Age: Internet Words You May Not Be Familiar With

This refers to the state of ‘being aware’ of important issues or ‘finally realizing’ something.
For example: I can’t believe it took me so long to realize she was a terrible person. I am so woke now.
This word is often affiliated with younger activists and their call to continue to be aware of a longstanding issue or societal problem.



New words are not anything to be intimidated about. All that is needed is to understand what they actually mean to say and see if it is actually something that you can actually make use of. When you have a business, it would important to stay abreast of any new words that “the kids” are passing around these days. These can help you connect with your audience in a way that would otherwise not be possible.

Looking back on our list, which internet word were you confused about before?

For Connectivity: Social Media Rules That Businesses Need to Remember

Businesses, especially small ones, have much to benefit from social media. Arguably speaking, when they utilize it wrong, the backlash can be quite significant. This is why it would be a smart move for an entrepreneur to be highly aware of the social media rules that businesses must remember at all times.


Be Courteous At ALL Times

Be Courteous At ALL Times - For Connectivity: Social Media Rules That Businesses Need to Remember
The internet is a space that is rife with people’s opinions. Often, they are not exactly phrased in the best way or can be outright insulting. Despite this, it is highly important that your brand always maintain the air of courtesy regardless of your personal misgivings. Always remember that whenever a disgruntled customer comes to your social media airing a complaint, this is an excellent opportunity to gain some massive positive press.

If you manage to address their grievance properly, not only do you earn back the client’s loyalty, you also shine yourself up in the eyes of your other followers.


Limit Your Hashtag Use

Limit Your Hashtag Use - For Connectivity: Social Media Rules That Businesses Need to Remember
In the age of social media, hashtags are used to link posts together and make them more visible when doing a search. That said, no one likes to see full sentences permeated with hashtags every other word. This adds clutter to your social media feed. It also implies that who is running the social media account is not very familiar with how to effectively utilize hashtags.

When hashtags are used properly, it only takes one good hashtag to ensure that your brand endures in the minds and consciousness of consumers.


Avoid Divisive Topics

Avoid Divisive Topics - For Connectivity: Social Media Rules That Businesses Need to Remember
As much as it would be tempting to throw your brand on the side of a ‘hot topic’, this is invariably a bad move in the long run. Instead of focusing on growing your brand and awareness for it, you may get the reputation of having more to say about events rather than providing a good service. Always remember that the loudest cans are usually empty.

Avoiding divisive topics keeps your brand neutral and less prone to receive the vitriol of anyone that may disagree with your stance.



It would be highly prudent for businesses—both big and small—to really be aware of how they utilize their social media. Always remember that screen capture images are pretty much there to haunt you even if you delete a post or a conversation. Audiences are all geared toward holding brands fully accountable for their responses (or lack of responses). If you have a business, it would be highly important for you to remember the social media rules we listed above.

Try to review your present use of social media for your business. Which rules have you broken?