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6 Easy Steps to Install Kodi on a Fire TV or Fire Stick

Meet your new best friend and favourite new media player- Kodi! This brilliant instrument is growing in popularity each and every day as it lets you stream from countless, multiple sources from different corners of the world. Yes, we know it is a bit controversial, but hey, that’s what makes life interesting!

This media player not only provides you endless entertainment and keeps you connected to the world, but also will let you access your own media files. What more could you want? (Pssst, no wonder it is creating so much noise in the tech world!)

Kodi is functional across numerous devices and platforms, and our personal favourite is Amazon’s Fire OS, as utilised by the awesome Fire TV stick and Fire TV. We firmly believe both provide the best platforms to install Kodi where you can reap its benefits.

However, if you wish to access this awesome application, then you must be aware that you can’t just download it directly. The good news is that if you want to learn how to install it on your Fire TV or Fire TV stick, then you’re in the right place. This article will outline six quick steps that you can easily follow and will take you only about ten minutes.

We promise, this is the easiest and quickest route to learning how to install Kodi on Firestick for free

Download Downloader

The first and foremost step is to obtain an application that will help you download the Kodi app installer file. While there are many available, we recommend going with one called Downloader. You can identify it with its bright orange logo and best of all, it’s free! No price, no fees, no monthly subscription!

Do you own a mic-enabled Fire TV stick? If yes, then just speak into the remote itself whilst pressing the microphone button and say “downloader”, and it should pop up instantly on your interface. 

If your Fire TV is not voice-enabled, no worries! Just go the old-fashioned way and type in “downloader in text form. Simply go to the Home screen, hold the up key on the your remote to choose your navigation tabs, and then press the left key to access the universal search area

Once you have typed in “downloader”, the correct app will show up in the results and all you have to do is click on it in order to install it.

Allow Installing Apps from Unknown Places

This is the part where you let your Fire TV install applications from sources other than the Amazon Appstore. It protects your data security, but you will have to disable it if you wish to install Kodi as it is not part of the Amazon Appstore.

To get to Settings, make sure you are on the Home display screen and press the up key to select navigation tabs. Press Device, Next, and then select Developer Options. This will show you a sub-menu that includes an option labelled “Apps from Unknown Sources”. Pick that and ensure it says ON.

We want to protect your data and your account, that’s why we must share this with you: if you do download apps from outside the Amazon Appstore, make sure its from authentic, reliable sources and not somewhere shady. Remember that Android applications can contain malware and viruses that will endanger your machine. That’s why it is essential you download from official developer websites and that brings us to the next step.

Boot Downloader

Open Downloader and let it load. This is fairly self-explanatory as when you install a new application, it pretty much pops up at the top of your app display and runs automatically to guide you through t the setting up process.

Not booting up automatically? No issue – just press the home button for about two to three seconds to access the system shortcut menu. Choose Apps to view all the applications that you have installed.

Type in the KODI URL

Okay, now that you’re finally in the Downloader program, it’s time to get Kodi. Downloader lets you download programs and applications in its browser-like interface. You need this because Fire TV doesn’t come with an internet browser such as Safari or Chrome.

On the first page here, you will see a white box. This is where you type in a URL. Select it and then text in https://kodi.tv/download. Think of it as the web page that you would go to download Kodi and it is relevant for Fire TV as well. 

Choose Kodi Build

So, we assume you typed in the correct URL address and a web page has popped up in the Downloader application. Use your remote’s D-pad to scroll downwards to locate the iconic green Android robot and then select it. The next page will display all possible Android install builds.

There are a lot to choose from and you have to be mindful of which one will best suit your Fire TV Stick or Fire TV. The first generation of Fire TV possess 32-bit CPUs so get the ARM version termed 32-bit. If you own a newer Fire TV or stick, then select the 64-bit one.

You will see both the “release” and “nightly” forms of Kodi. You are free to select either, but if you want fewer bugs, then go for the release version. “Nightly’ may be newer but is still going to be a work in progress. Choose the build that is right for you and the apk.installer will start downloading. It should be an 87 MB file and when completed, Downloader will begin to install it automatically. When finished, an installer prompt will show up.

Take your remote and hold the D-pad to press the Install button at the bottom of the page. Once this is done, don’t go back to the Home page but stay in the Downloader app. Delete the installer filel so you have some extra space on your device.

Time for Content

Congratulations, you did it! You just installed Kodi on your Fire TV and will show in the Recent category of your Home page display. If you don’t see it, just hold the Home button on your remote for a few seconds to access your app library and it should be there. Install add-ons so you can get all your favorite content on board. Kick back and relax as the show is about to begin!

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