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Welcome to Ubitexx!

We are certainly glad to have you here with us. For many of us that did not exactly have technology growing up, it can be a rather perplexing topic to broach. The gadgets have only been getting smarter and smarter. It only follows that the threats are also getting more complex and sophisticated.

In a world where most information is digital, it is vital for any person using a computer to be aware of any threats, changes, or improvements that are happening. As business are also run using computers (whether to keep a close eye on inventory or processes), it is critical to understand the basic software and troubleshooting directives that exist and continue to grow.

This is what we aim to provide for you, our beloved readers.


In Case You Wonder Why

Hello, my name is Isabelle Hope and I’m at the head of the writing team and pretty much the founder of Ubitexx. Coming off my own experiences as a business owner that had to revolutionize my processes, I completely understand the confusion that comes with working with computers and its software.

I and many like myself have taken it upon ourselves to pass on the knowledge that we have gathered through our years in our own industries. If there is anything in particular you would like for us to talk about, feel free to get in touch.

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