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Drones Built for Night Fliers

There is a lot of enjoyment that can be had from a drone, regardless of whether we use it in the day or at night. Those looking to keep sight of their drone in the later hours will want to ensure that their drone can be seen in the night sky. There are accessories you can buy that allow LEDs to be attached, but if you’re looking for a solution straight out of the box, then you may want a drone where lighting is already a feature.

Fortunately, there are several models available that ensure that you’re not left in the dark when it comes to piloting a UAVs at night.

Things to Consider

Before making a purchase, you should ensure that you’re getting the right kind of drone for you. While one drone may be perfect for one person, it may lack the functionality you’re looking for, which can mean a purchase soon becomes a waste of money.

There are several different factors to look at before purchasing a drone, and often include the follow.

  • Our Budget?
  • Do We Need a Camera?
  • Do We Need Accessories?
  • What Kind of Controller Do I Want to Use?

Once we have a better idea of what features we’re looking for, we’re then able to shift our focus onto specific drones, making the decision-making process much easier.


The great thing about drones is how much value you’re getting for your money, regardless of whether you’re investing in a premium UAV or not. Situated at the lower price bracket, many would be forgiven for assuming that the MJX X400W wasn’t able to offer anything to the drone community, but that assumption would be incorrect.

Opting for a minimalistic look, complete with LEDs and some nice finishing touches, the MJX X400W is ideal for night fliers who may have a tighter budget than others.

Tarantula X6

Another budget entry that may do little to rattle the cage of the drone community initially but is the ideal drone for keen night fliers and those looking to capture some footage along the way. Although this quadcopter doesn’t include a camera, you can easily connect one of your choice, which is ideal for those merely looking for a drone and not the complete setup. The Tarantula X6 has been reviewed and has proved to be a nippy drone that withstand strong winds surprisingly well.

Ehang GhostDrone 2.0

Although budget-entry drones are ideal for newcomers and children, more seasoned drone enthusiasts may be looking to upgrade their current model, but still want to make use of LED lights while in flight.

The GhostDrone 2.0 comes complete with a 4K camera, which captures videos at 24 frames-per-second, as well as offering an impressive flight time of 25 minutes when fully charged.

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

As the name would suggest the Autel Robotics X-Star Premium is a drone that’s designed to make an impression. This aesthetically-beautiful drone hides a slew of features under it glossy chassis, and even comes included with a 4K camera, which is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal. And of course, there are LEDs that ensure that you’re able to keep sight of your drone when flying in the dark.


If you’re looking for a drone that has character, then why not consider the JJRC H8D. As well as giving users access to impressive LEDS, there is an also FMV transmitter that will calibrate the gyro when in motion.

The range of the FPV range is 100 metres, and whereas other models can suffer from stuttering video, the JJRC H8D gives a strong performance in this department as well.

The JJRC H8D won’t be for everyone, but it’s deal for entry-level night fliers.

XIRO Xplorer G

Those looking for a drone that has a sleek design along with some additional functionality, then the XIRO Xplorer G could be for you. The Xplorer G has a black finish and has 4 LED lights that are situated just below the propellers.

Those looking to make use of the drone for photography and video footage may be disappointed to learn that the Xplorer G doesn’t come included with a camera. However, the gimbal does support GoPro action cameras.

While there is no camera, there is one of the best gimbles seen on a drone, so those who decide to use the drone for photography can expect some amazing results.

Hubsan H109S X4 Pro

If you’re in the market for top-tier drone that offers FPV and a HD camera, then it may be worth checking out the Hubsan H109S Pro. As well as the inclusion of the camera, midnight fliers are given a slew of other features that contribute towards one of the famous drones on the circuit.

These features include one-key return, a headless mode and of course, fully-function LEDs.

When it comes to drones everyone has their own preference, which is why there’s so many different models available. To find the best drone for you, you also have to factor in other functions as well as the LED lights to ensure that you’re getting the most enjoyment you can from your drone.

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