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Perk Up: Two Stellar Online Things That Businesses Need to Survive

Having a business in this day and age has its own set of hurdles that can actually be overcome. Today, we take a look at two stellar and online things that business will need to survive.


Proper Social Media Management

Proper Social Media Management - Perk Up: Two Stellar Online Things That Businesses Need to Survive

You would be hard pressed to find someone without a social media account. The likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and so many others are dominating the internet. When you have a business, it would only make sense to be on the platform that can reach your target audience the most. This means having your own social media accounts.

However, it must be handled appropriately and professionally. Whoever is handling your social media account must take note of these few things:

The Right Time to Post

Much like anything in a person’s life, a social media platform has specific times in the day where traffic is high and low. Mostly, people make use of their social media account most in four particular times of the day: after they wake up, when they have lunch, right after work, and before bed. A social media manager must be able to utilize those times properly in order to maximize the impact of your posts.

Speed in Replying

Client engagement and the speed in which this is achieved can make all the difference between a successful business and a failed one. When a client goes to your page with a comment, their expectation for a reply is around 60%. When they go to you with a complaint, that percentage rises to 85%. The speed in which you reply and what you reply must be suitable in order to promote customer loyalty.


Relevant Online Marketing

Relevant Online Marketing - Perk Up: Two Stellar Online Things That Businesses Need to Survive

In the time when information is king, it would only make sense to ensure that a big chunk of the relevant information available online is about your business. There are many ways in which a relevant online marketing campaign can be launched. What it will need is a suitable balance between being visible and enticing. Here are a few ways businesses can go about it:


Ad Campaigns

The more popular ways are through online ads, sponsored content, and even podcasts. These ad campaigns are often directed to people that are already interested in what your business has to offer. In order to do that, you partner up with relevant websites and bloggers that can boost the sensory recall of clients.


Short Video Campaigns

Think something along the lines of vines except no harmful pranks. These are often 10 to 20 seconds long are enough to catch the interest of your target market.



If you are planning on having your own business in the future, it is important that you start learning how to obtain the two things we have mentioned above. Practice always makes perfect—or as close to perfect that can be realistically achieved. Take careful note on how current businesses are utilizing their social media presence and their online marketing. You just might be able to pick up a thing or two.

Other than the two online things we mentioned above, what else do you think businesses will need to survive?


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