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Ubitexx is looking for writers!

This website is aiming to add to our happy writing team! If you are not aware, Ubitexx is focused on the topics of technology, IT, security, and business! These are all subjects of discourse in a constant state of evolution. Given that as the regular state of things, if we wanted to realistically provide only the latest and most useful information, we need more writers.


Are you at ease talking about the topic of technology?

Technology can be innately complicated. However, we know that there are individuals who do not find any difficulty in talking about this in ways that can be easily understood by a variety of learners.


Do you keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of IT and Security?

Having relevant knowledge in these fields is something that we highly value. This website welcomes anyone with a natural interest in everything to do with the discussions of the internet and any relevant discussions on its security.


Would you like to add this site to your writer’s portfolio?

More and more information is being published online. Of course, this means that there are writers behind those words. In order to obtain work for more formal writing positions, employers often look for work samples and a writing portfolio. We would be glad to have you use us as a reference when you are able to publish discussions here.

If you believe that you can help build 100% unique and original content, we would love to have you on board!